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Hey long lost members...

I know we haven't posted any conclusion regarding this community yet, and there's a reason behind it...

We thought that with tomycoffee leaving, sarisafari and I would be able to keep the community going w/the two of us, but then life got in the way for the both of us, and people were hardly posting (our last challenge only received two submissions!! That's not even enough to judge on.) And then I recently received notice that sarisafari had to leave LL_E as well, due to life and being busy with the other communities she mods at.

So since I am the newest and only mod now at LL_E, this is my thought process: Is it worth it to continue? I know people are on Tumblr a heck of a lot now, posting their arts there, but does that mean that this LJ community is dead? Are there still active members willing to participate here, with submissions and voting, etc?

I am willing to redesign the community, possibly even edit members or have them reapply to see who is still active and qualified as an "elite", maybe ask for new MODs to join in, and do whatever it takes to keep this afloat -- IF, AND ONLY IF -- people are willing to stick around. I don't want to close the community, I love challenges in creativity, but I don't want to waste my time either.

I'm sure you all understand. So this is the real poll that I NEED EVERY MEMBER TO VOTE IN:
Poll #1777482 Yes or No

With just one mod now, should the community stay open and be revamped? (Please don't vote YES if you don't have time to participate!!!)

Yes, it should stay open! It's still worth a shot!
No, it's sadly time to move on and close it.

Feel free to add any comment or suggestion you want. Thanks so much for your time. (:
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tomycoffee seems to be a little busy, so I will go ahead and post the voting for her!!

Thank you guys for entering! Good luck!!
Dearest sarisafari will post the next challenge for you asap! ♥

➳ Please read these rules before voting.
- Don't vote for yourself or ask others to do so for you.
- Keep your votes unbiased, please.
- Voting will close tomorrow, if not the day after.
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